Yummy Stuffed Squash

This week Meghan, from Making Love in the Kitchen, and Gluten Free Gidget both posted on a recipe for stuffed squash.

Ever since last Sunday when Gluten Free Gidget posted about it, I immediately wanted to make it. And then on Monday Meghan posted a recipe for it, and I ended up thinking about the squash all week! Finally last night I had the time to actually make it. I did my own rendition and yum was it good!
Student rental houses don’t come equipped with the best ovens let me tell you, so I had to let my chicken cook in it’s lonesome in the oven that takes for ever to heat up.
Thus, I popped the acorn squash into the microwave and “waved” it on high for 10 minutes.
I then chopped it in half and placed it in the microwave for another 15 or so minutes until the squash was cooked and easy to mush up with a fork.
While the squash cooked in the microwave, I sauteed about 1/2 cup of “broccoli slaw”, you can find bags of this in the grocery store, it’s just a bag of shredded broccoli and cabbage.
I “mushed up” (I have no better word for explaining this) the squash inside the skin and then added the sauteed broccoli slaw to the squash and mushed the two of those together.
Since my chicken was cooked to it’s entirety, I cranked the oven to broil and placed the squash under the broiler until it golden-ed up a bit.
It was delicious, I ate the entire half!
My squash was accompanied by a chicken breast cooked in 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice and smothered with 1/2 tsp of mild curry.
I also sauteed a few button mushrooms and spinach.
Yum yum yum!
I love when Fridays come along and I actually have the time to cook up a good meal 🙂
I really recommend you try this recipe, it was so easy and so delicious!

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