Warm Diet

It has almost been a month since I have been doing the TCM warm diet for spleen-pancreas deficiency (aka Crohn’s disease in Western terms). I have been doing a lot of research on this diet and I finally think I understand most of it, except for one thing…and that is, if you warm a cold food up, does it change it’s properties to become warm? I’m still trying to find the answer to that.

I’ve been following it pretty well, I’ve totally taken out wheat, but I have been having a little trouble taking out soy, as I found that great veggie cheese which is made of soy products (I have however taken out soy milk). It’s also hard to fully take out raw vegetables, sometimes I find my self grabbing out a carrot to munch on out of the fridge without cooking it. I haven’t been benefiting from this yet, hopefully I’ll notice some difference soon!

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