Visit to the Naturopath

Yesterday was my second visit to my new naturopath, and it was a great! The naturopath told me that she truly believes one can heal them selves of Crohn’s through diet and supplements…all naturally! I believe this 100%, I am all for going the natural way, and I see that it is true to become symptom free through diet when I read about Meghan Telpner’s journey from Making Love in the Kitchen and Ashley Gibson’s from Dancing Through Life. The two of them are both in remission all because of the foods they eat and the way they live.

After a great hour talking with the naturapath, I left with more knowledge and a few vitamins and supplements:

Ultra InflamX: This protein powder is especially designed for those with IBD, as the protein in it is already digested (which doesn’t stress the digestive system to break it down). There are a bunch of vitamins, minerals and ingredients that help soothe and heal the digestive tract, like rosemary, turmeric, ginger and glutamine. It is also packed with calories (which I need)! The Ultra InfamX was pretty expensive, but it is meant to help with the healing process. For now I will take this powder every day until it is all empty (for about a month) and hopefully I will see improvements. Whenever I am in a flare up, this protein powder will help with the healing of the digestive tract. I haven’t tried it yet…I was going to for my snack but the colour sort of made me loose my appetite…it’s neon yellow!

Floravit: A yeast and gluten free iron formula with vitamins. Right now my iron levels are low, so this will help boost them. It’s a liquid formula and I’m supposed to take 20ml/day.

Saccharomyces boulardii: Live yeast, packaged in capsules, it protects the gut from bad bacteria’s and alleviates diarrhea caused by Crohn’s disease.

Methylcobalamin: B12 lozenge that dissolve under my tongue (which I’m doing right now…it tastes likes cherry (yum)!)

Acidophilis: which are friendly bacteria to help re-colonize good bacteria in the gut.

The one bad thing that came out of the appointment was yet another thing to restrict from my diet….all things sweet…that means fruit! No fruit for two weeks!

I’m still having unnecessary symptoms daily, so she thinks that it could be possible that there is still something in my daily diet causing this. There wasn’t really much else to eliminate though, as gluten, dairy, refined sugar, corn, soy, tomatoes, citrus and chocolate are all already eliminated…which leads to the experimentation of taking out fruit.

Gluten and dairy free I can handle, as there are so many substitutes…but fruit…eek, I feel like I may have a bit of difficulty with this one. Fruit makes up so many of my snacks. It’s only for two weeks though, so I guess it could be worse right?

What are some of your fruit-free snacks?


  1. I know avocado is technically a fruit, but are you able to eat those? If so, a good snack suggestion would be to spread some avocado on sprouted ezekiel bread, and drizzle with agave nectar. Delicious!

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