Very Busy! (But that didn’t stop me from enjoying ginger!)

Wow! I can’t believe it has been a week since my last post – that is evidence to how busy my past week has been. Since I was out for a whole week from my flare, I wasn’t able to be productive in any way, so this week has been full of late nights doing school work and getting myself all caught up.

Although my week was hectic, I did find two new awesome products that are helping wonderfully to ease the pain of my gut. The ingredient featured in both products is ginger!

The first product is from the company Go Naturally. They are Organic Hard Candies – Ginger, with no artificial flavor, no artificial colour, they’re gluten free and made by hand. The ingredients: organic evaportated cane juice, organic brown rice syrup and natural ginger oil. Per candy is 15 calories with only 2.5g of sugar. I really like the taste of these little candies. They taste like pure ginger and they’re a great treat to suck on after a meal. The company has other flavours, like pomegranate and honey…mmm, I would love to give those a try!

The second product is from the company The Ginger People. They are the Original Ginger Chews. They’re gluten free, all natural chews with 20 calories and 5g of sugar a pop. The ingredients read: cane sugar, ginger, and tapioca starch. Although both of these products do contain cane sugar, the amount is so minute, and I eat these in very low moderation that I don’t think the sugar is affecting me in any way. The ginger chews are amazing!! I’m so happy that I finally found them! They’re very chewy and the perfect bite size to stick in your mouth. At first they seem sweet, but then a wave of heat from the ginger kicks you, but it’s a nice spicy feel. They feel so good going down my tummy and whatever pain is in my gut is gone for the few minutes of heat from the ginger. I would highly recommend this product for after a meal, or if you’re stomach is just not feeling great.

I really love ginger when I’m not feeling well.
Ginger has such soothing properties:
– it contains the active ingredient gingerol, which interferes with the enzymes that cause inflammation in the body
– it stimulates many digestive enzymes in the pancreas
– helps and prevents bacteria, as it is antibacterial
– the enzymes in ginger help break protein

A yummy tummy healing tea I like to make when I’m not feeling great is placing an inch of fresh ginger in a hot mug of water with a slice of lemon and a sprinkle of stevia or honey. Let the ginger steep for a few minutes before drinking.
Another great ginger fix is eating the pickled ginger that you get with sushi!

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