Natural, Organic Personal Care with Dawn

When we think of personal care products, such as creams, makeup and nail polish, we often don’t think of the toxins that we are applying to our bodies. When I sat down with Dawn Canning a little while back, I heard about her perspective on green beauty products and learned about her online ‘Worry Free Dispensary’, Sessabel. Dawn Canning is extremely knowledgable when it comes to environmental chemicals, as she graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science from UofT. Dawn writes a blog of her own, ‘Dawn Canning‘, where she gives a mom’s perspective on reducing common household toxins.

My main reason for meeting with Dawn was to discuss a gluten free, safe ingredient based nail polish that I had stumbled across online, Keeki Pure & Simple. She carries this product on her online store and is a fantastic representative for it. For those who are extremely sensitive to gluten, such as those who have Celiac disease, any product containing gluten that they may be in contact with could pose a potential threat to their health. Anything we put on our skin (including our nails) gets absorbed into our bodies.

The founder and owner of Keeki Pure & Simple is a mother of two, Natalie Bauss who had the mission to create wholesome products, free of chemicals and full of nourishing ingredients. The neat thing about Keeki Pure & Simple is that they are 100% tested and gluten free approved. Not only are the products gluten free, they are also cruelty-free, soy free, acetone free and free of harmful chemicals found in mainstream nail polishes (such as formaldehyde Рyuk!).

The line of products includes nail polish, nail polish remover, cuticle rejuvenator, lip balm, body lotion and sunscreen. The products are targeted more towards younger girls and teens, as the line includes fun bright nail colours, fruity smelling creams and subtle sparkly lip balms. There is a large array of nail polish colours though, so they really can be enjoyed by any age…we are all kids at heart anyway!

I love how Keeki Pure & Simple brands their product; it’s fun, colourful, creative and just looking at it you wouldn’t think it was wholesome and healthy. I really like the names of the nail polish and lip balm, such as Flirty, Sophisticated and Sassy for the Shimmer Sticks, and names such as Grasshopper Pie, Graham Cracker and Raspberry Sorbet for the nail polishes.

I tried two different Keeki nail colours, a light pink and a bright purple.

I found the consistency of the polishes to be different, the purple went on easier than the pink did – the pink was a bit streaky going on. I should factor in the fact that perhaps the two colours were bottled on different dates…maybe the pink was a bit older. ¬†I also love, love, love how the nail polish remover is natural and free of toxic chemicals. I always find it so terrible using harsh chemical laden remover. I don’t think something that smells so terrible should be applied to the skin. The only down side about this remover is that it doesn’t seem to get the job done with other nail polishes (such as OPI, Essie, etc). I think if you’re going to go the natural route with a nail polish remover, you should have the natural polish on.

The Nail Polish Remover is a corn-alcohol base, made with aloe vera and vitamin E to protect and condition the nails and cuticles. Keeki also claims that it smells like coconut, however I thought it just smelt like rubbing alcohol.

The lip products are nice. The Shimmer Sticks have a subtle ‘shimmery’ touch to them and they go on nice and smooth. The only downside to these lip products is that I find the taste to be very bitter if you accidentally lip your licks. The upside to that though is they are organic, natural and gluten free – a bonus for sensitive gluten allergies. It can be hard to find a 100% tested & dedicated gluten free lip product, so I would highly recommend these. They also are very reasonably priced (as is the nail polish). $5.99-$6.99 for lip products and $9.99 for the nail polish.

After Dawn and I discussed Keeki Pure & Simple, she showed me a a company called Dr. Robin for Kids. Although I don’t have children I thought this product sounded excellent. It was developed by Dr. Robin Scaffran, a M.D certified Dermatologist specializing in children’s skin. Dr. Robin was born and raised in Toronto, studied at McGill and UofT, interned at Harvard’s Medical School and finished her residency in Dermatology at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland. She now lives in LA and practices in Beverly Hills. Not only do I think this product is amazing, but it’s also pretty cool that it was developed by a Canadian.

Dr. Robin created her line of skin care products for children, because she found that many of the children sunscreens and lotions were the same formula for adults, only camouflaged in kid-friendly packaging. Dr. Robin for Kids is free of parabens, fragrance, phthalates, nanotechnology, unnecessary preservatives, extracts or additives. It doesn’t leave any stick residue and contains green tea which helps with sun protection and oat & quinoa proteins for hydration

The reason I was drawn to this product wasn’t the elegant, kid-friendly bottle with the cute little bird on it (although it is cute), it was the fact that the product was something so good for your skin, safe for babies and children, gluten free (bonus!), vegan, without chemicals, parabens or fragrance and formulated to minimize allergic reactions. If it’s good enough for babies, then it’s good enough for any age.

If people are buying this line of products for their sensitive-skinned children, why wouldn’t I just do the same and buy it for my 20-something sensitive skin? It just made sense to me and after 3.5 months of using it day after day, I have to say my skin has never felt softer. I also haven’t experienced any itching that I used to get on my legs.

Dr. Robin for Kids also has a sunscreen and body lotion + shampoo. I haven’t tried those products yet, but I know I will continue to purchase the Moisture Cream. It’s just perfect.

I think it’s very important to feed your skin with the same respect you would feed your body. Why would I slather gluten filled cream all over my skin if I can’t eat anything gluten. It doesn’t make much sense, does it?

I think I’ve ranted enough about the fact that allergen free skin care is important if you suffer from specific allergies. Treat your skin with love, just like you would your tummy!

I loved meeting and chatting with Dawn, it was a great morning full of information and I recommend you visit her blog ( and online dispensary ( – she has some pretty cool products!

You may also want to check out EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. You can search pretty much any product and it will tell you the rating, what chemicals it has and how good or bad it is for your skin.