Something New

Today, for the first time, I finally got around to trying almond butter! Wow is it yummy…my sunflower seed butter has met it’s match!

The taste is a lot more milder than sunflower seed butter, but still nutty tasting, and it’s full of protein and good fats. For 2 TBSP it is 190 calories, 18g of fat and 5 g of protein. It filled me up for the morning and kept me full until lunch rolled around (where I ate it again…) The almond butter I have is made by a Canadian company called Nuts to You Nut Butters Inc. (it’s the same brand as my sunflower seed butter). I’ve looked all over the net for their website, but I just don’t think they have one.
In the morning I ate the almond butter on brown rice bread and on my green apple, and then for lunch I had it on top of Mary’s Organic Crackers with a nice big salad.
After my delicious new breakfast, I made my way over to The Big Carrot to get some gluten free/dairy free goodies and left the store feeling very excited to try my new buys!
The next couple weeks I will be sharing new products and a few new recipes that I’m going to try, such as gluten free/dairy free mac and “cheese”, chicken and chickpea soup and shepherd’s pie!

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