PurelyGreat Deodorant – Gluten Free & Natural

I’ve never liked the fact that many “popular” deodorant brands are full of chemicals that shouldn’t be applied to the skin – especially under the arms. I remember when I was a pre-teen and all of my girlfriends were wearing strawberry scented deodorant, but my mom would only let me use Toms of Maine because it was natural and free of aluminum. Once I started actually needing deodorant I found that Toms of Maine wasn’t cutting it. I switched over to the common brands (ie – Secret, Dove, Speedstick) and was pleased by the results. ‘X’ amount of years later, I still apply the chemical filled deodorant. Why? Because none of the all natural brands seem to work. They also smell like potpourri. If I’m sitting around being lazy on a Sunday without wearing any underarm protection, I won’t break a sweat or smell, however, there was one natural deodorant brand I tried a few months ago and just wearing it on a day where I wasn’t being active made me feel sticky and unfortunately stinky. I was happy I had my stick of $4 chemical-filled deodorant in my bag to fix the situation.

A few months ago a friend told me about a product she uses called PurelyGreat. She told me that it actually worked. I had to try it to believe it though. The lovely people over at PurelyGreat sent me some samples to try because not only are they 100% natural, they are also gluten free…did you know that gluten can even be found in deodorant…yikes! PurelyGreat isn’t in the usual stick form, it comes in a little glass pot and needs a stir before you use your finger tips to rub it in to your armpit. Overall I felt healthy applying it, as I knew I wasn’t smearing toxins into my skin. I found that it did keep me smelling fresh throughout the day, but I didn’t find it was that great for working out.

Each deodorant is cream based and needs to be stirred each time before using, as the ingredients separate (so make sure you have a stir stick!). The main ingredients include: sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, glycerin and then the added essential oils for the scent. Pretty clean list, eh?

Women’s Lavender Cream Deodorant
This scent was my favourite. It obviously smells like lavender, but with a bit of a citrusy pop. With all of the deodorants, you only need a small amount for each ‘pit’. They suggest a dime-sized amount, although I guess depending on how big or small your armpits are, you may need a little less or just a bit more. The deodorant doesn’t feel sticky and doesn’t melt off from the heat of your armpits. It also didn’t seem to stain any of clothes white. As you can see, the label has disinegrated a bit. After a few days of the jar being on its side in a travel case, the oil seemed to seep out – despite the lid being tight. I’m not sure if this jar was a bit defected because it didn’t happen to the other three.

Women’s Citrus Cream Deodorant
I have to admit that this wasn’t my favourite scent. I kind of felt like I smelled of Pledge. Maybe it’s more of a Spring/Summer scent, perhaps I will give it another go when the weather is warmer.

The label was ruined a bit by the Lavender’s little leak. 

Unscented Cream Deodorant
It doesn’t smell like anything…not even baking soda. This is a good option if you are sensitive to scents.

Men’s Patchouli Cream Deodorant
This one smelled exactly like the Women’s Citrus one, but with a slight pine scent. I really don’t find this scent to be masculine. I asked the man in my life if he wanted to use it, but he was turned off by the scent. Everyone has their preference though, so maybe someone else’s nose is a fan of the citrus scent.

– No aluminum
– Keeps your lymph nodes healthy
– Gluten free and vegan
– 100% all natural

– You have to wash your hands after applying
– It doesn’t last during exercise
– The lid doesn’t have a great seal once you’ve opened it for the first time, the oil seeps out – so it’s not good to travel with

The cost of the jar is $13 – but PurelyGreat says it lasts up to three months.

My recommendation is that you try these out for yourself. I like them but I wasn’t a fan of them not keeping me fresh after a little bit of exercise and sweat. Everyone is different though, so what may work or not work for me, may be different for you. Give it a go!

Have you tried PurelyGreat? How did you like it? If you are a fan of another natural, gluten free deodorant, what is it? 

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