Pure Fun

Remember in December when I found the Pure Fun Better For You Candy- Organic Candy Canes?

Well, the other day at The Big Carrot, I found a whole section full of Pure Fun Better For You Candy, such as hard candy and lolly pops. I didn’t think it would ever be hard for me again to pick out candy, but the other day it was. I couldn’t decide if I should get the Fruit Pinwheels..,the Citrus Slices…the Pure Pops, or the Mint Pinwheels. Finally I made my decision and put the Mint Pinwheels into my shopping cart.
There are three flavors in the pack: peppermint, spearmint and pepsin.
The peppermint tastes exactly peppermint; it tastes like a good old candy cane, and the spearmint tastes like spearmint gum.
I like the peppermint and spearmint the best…as the pepsin is a little odd tasting.
Have you ever had Pepto Bismol? Well, if you have, you will definitely be able to recognize the taste of the pepsin mint, as it tastes so much like Pepto Bismol.
I’ve never heard of something that tastes like ‘pepsin’….for all I know pepsin is the enzyme in the stomach that breaks down proteins…is that the point of this mint??? None the less, I can bear the taste, it’s not that bad.
I would highly recommend these little treats. Just like the Candy Canes, they’re organic, made with no pesticides, GMO’s, artificial flavours, synthetic FD&C colours or gluten. They’re also free of refined sugars.
The ingredients = organic evaporated cane juice, organic brown rice syrup, citric acid, natural flavors, natural colours, alfalfa extract, turmeric extract and beet colour.
1 piece of Pure Fun Peppermint Candy is 20 calories, with only 3 grams of sugar.
A regular piece of peppermint candy is 25 calories with 5.5 grams of sugar.
The next Pure Fun Organic Candy I want to try are the Pure Pops!
Hope you’re all having a great Wednesday.
Keep positive!

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