Pumpkin Curry (in a hurry) Hummus

Well, paper 1 has been completed! On to paper number 2 now.
I’m fueled and ready to tackle it though, because I just had some delicious pumpkin curry hummus. I loved my little creation so much yesterday at lunch, that I just couldn’t wait for lunch to come sooner so that I could make it again.
This time I took a picture and jotted down the measurements so that you can try it for yourselves!
Meg’s Pumpkin Curry (in a hurry) Hummus
1/3 cup of pureed chickpeas
1/3 cup canned pumpkin
1 tsp curry
Mix all together and voila! You have pumpkin curry hummus…easy enough right?
I enjoyed my dip with a mix of different veggies – cucumbers, carrots, red peppers and endive. I also dipped some Garden Vegetable Brown Rice Crackers into the mix.
A very satisfying lunch for a working brain (and a hungry tummy!)
P.S – Remember when I posted about the Best Gluten Free Bread Ever…being Organic Works Buckwheat Chia? Well, I just ran out of it last night, and was sad that I wouldn’t be able to have it for breakfast. I ended up having a dream about it last night! In my dream I went to go get it at the store, and the company decided to stop doing gluten free options….how sad. I hope my dream wasn’t real! But honestly- if you can find it, grab it! It is SO good!
Enjoy your Saturday – hopefully the weather is a bit nicer then it is here…it’s cold, rainy and extremely windy…I’m glad it’s not sunny though, since I’m stuck at my desk for a weekend full of essay writing!

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  1. This looks really tasty!! I've made a few different types of hummus, but never with pumpkin. Next time I make it I'll have to try this! I bet it didn't last very long 🙂

    We must be from the same town… its raining, cold, and crazy windy here too! Good luck finishing up those papers 🙂

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