Nothing but…Wonderful!

Delicious eats, wonderful people, new friends, pictures and a view of the city…this was what I experienced tonight at Chobani’s amazing gathering. 
The night started off with riding a funky elevator to the The Fifth Grill & Terrace. To be honest, I was not exactly sure what kind of event I had been invited to. Once I got up to the terrace and was greeted by smiling faces, I discovered that this was a night of chatting and laughing with fellow bloggers and the lovely ladies from Chobani, and of course Chobani inspired food!
I had an absolute blast meeting everyone. It was so neat to meet other gals like myself who have a love for food and health! 
The hors d’oeuvres were outstanding! Who knew that you could create so many taste tantalizing dishes. I started off by trying the delicious split pea soup with Chobani yogurt and mint. (Sorry I lacked in taking food pictures!). Next was a chicken skewer in a sauce consisting of Chobani yogurt, soy, lemongrass and ginger (YUM!!!). I then had a spoon shooter of chop salad, it was romaine lettuce, red bell pepper, corn, and avocado with a creamy Chobani yogurt dressing. There was then a shrimp cocktail dolloped with a Chobani inspired guacamole, mmm I love avocados…and of course Chobani yogurt!
Stephanie from Snacking on Sunshine and I with the Chobani inspired split pea soup
Chobani inspired guacamole on top of shrimp 
The BEST part was the yogurt parfait bar. Stephanie from Snacking on Sunshine and myself were the first to grab our mason jars and fill up with yogurt goodness…I think we were a little keen on getting our treat! The yogurt parfait bar was almost like Yogurty’s or Menchies, it was just so much fun. I had plain Chobani yogurt with chocolate chips, pomegranate, vanilla and chocolate balls (yes I love chocolate), butterscotch syrup and mixed berries. Mmmm, mmmm, nothing but good ;)! 
My amazing parfait in a mason jar 🙂
Yogurt parfait bar!
Ali, Stephanie, Siobhan, Britta and I!
Britta from Red Bike in a Grey World and I!
I had so much fun taking pictures with fellow bloggers, learning about different blogs and exchanging Twitter names! Thanks for a great night Chobani, it was nothing but good wonderful!
Me and Mr. Yogurt! That is crazy love right there!

Stay posted for upcoming Chobani inspired recipes!


  1. Was lovely meeting you last night! That parfair bar was killer! Enjoying some more Chobani this morning 🙂

  2. Love your post Meg! Cant believe I haven't looked at it until now.. what the? SO good meeting you, had an awesome time! 🙂

  3. Love your post Meg! Cant believe I haven't commented on it until now.. what the?! SO good meeting you, had an awesome time!! 🙂

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