Nothing but good…

Yogurt is one of my favourite additions to breakfast and I love eating it as a snack. I love the fact that yogurt is filled with probiotics: friendly, good bacteria that helps maintain balance in the digestive tract along with enhancing the immune system. Friendly bacteria can help to fight off bad bacteria in the gut, it also can help with yeast overgrowth, skin conditions, reduces negative affects of antibiotics, can act as a remedy for bad breath and increases the ability to digest food. Why I love healthy bacteria in yogurt, is because of the benefits is has for people who have digestive diseases, such as IBD.

A few days ago the wonderful people at Chobani sent me a few yogurt samples to try and review.  I had only tried Chobani Greek Yogurt one other time at a sports event where they were giving free samples to try. I tried the black cherry….it was delicious! I haven’t been able to find Chobani yogurt in the grocery stores near me yet, but I’m hoping they’ll be popping up in Ontario soon.

Chobani sent me 4 flavours and a very cute lunch bag (with stickers inside)! I have fallen in love with this flavourful Greek yogurt…it’s thick, creamy, sweet but also tart, it’s low fat and it’s packed with protein and probiotics! I also like that is is naturally thick, there aren’t any added thickeners or gelatins, and the fact that everything in it is natural! I also loooove that it is certified gluten free.

The first flavour I tried was the strawberry. My sister and I actually shared the cup, she was eager to see what the hype was all about. We both took a spoon of it and said yum in unison.

YUM to the strawberry! It wasn’t a fake strawberry flavour like many yogurts have. First thing is first though, you must stir these yogurts to get all the fruit mixed in. The fruit is almost like pure jam, there are tiny chunks of fruit and you can actually taste the fruit. I find that the tart of the greek yogurt and the sweet of the fruit mixed in create the perfect balance for your taste buds.

The second flavour I spooned into was peach. This one ties for first with the black cherry for me. I like it because it has the perfect size chunks of peaches. It reminds me of peaches and cream.

The black cherry is my favourite. Like the strawberry, it does not have a fake cherry taste, it tastes exactly like black cherries you would eat off the pit in the summer. I like the ratio of fruit to yogurt in Chobani, there isn’t too much yogurt nor is there not enough fruit. Chobani seems to be just perfect.

If I had to choose a “least favourite”, I would have to pick the pomegranate flavour. I have never had pomegranate flavoured yogurt before, and I honestly thought it would be the best (because I love poms!). I couldn’t really taste the pomegranate though…maybe because they aren’t very sweet to begin with, so the fruit sort of clashes with the tartness of the greek yogurt. It was good though, and I kind of liked the fact that it had extra antioxidants in it.

I don’t know how I’m going to go back to other yogurts after eating Chobani…it is just SO good. Thank you Chobani Greek Yogurt for the taste test, you are so right, it is “nothing but good“.

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