New Blog:

The past few months year have been crazy-busy for me (and my family), as we were busy planning my wedding – which happened just over three weeks ago!

On top of the wedding plans, work has been busy, we moved into a new home and I launched a second blog…

Busy but exciting times.

declutter simply is a blog dedicated to decluttering the mind, body and space for a stress-free life. I’m so excited about it! My new blog doesn’t mean that I’m saying goodbye to The Gut Gazette…I will still be just as involved…I just realized I needed another platform to share my love of organization, decor, and beauty on a different platform…which is why I created declutter simply.

One of my first blog posts up on declutter simply is all about THE TEN SPOT’s new CF Shops at Don Mills location. Why? Because THE TEN SPOT is awesome for not only reducing stress, and promoting a feel-good service, but for cleanliness (aka – no dirt, no grime…no clutter). I don’t see clutter as just odds and ends scattered on a counter top or found in a drawer, I view clutter in the form of negative energy and emotions; unhealthy food, chemicals and additives; and anything that just doesn’t belong…anything that hinders a negative atmosphere.


Head over to to check out my review of THE TEN SPOT!

Now that things are calming down on my end, I can’t wait to get back into blogging!

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