Mindless Television Well Needed

Another full day of studying, and yet again my brain is crying for me to stop packing so much information into it, gahhh! It was very happy once it was dinner and I could sit down to watch some mind-numbing tv, where I wouldn’t have to think. Gossip Girl and roasted kabocha are a great pair.
I should have never re-introduced ketchup back into my diet. I’m pretty sure it’s making me feel sick every time I eat it, but now I crave it! I keep thinking “maybe it will be okay this time…” I really hope that this time will be the time! If not though, then this is definitely the last squeeze of ketchup for me!
I also made some “carrot fries” – this time cooked, something that kbwood posted on her blog the other day and I was just craving! (Is it weird I crave cooked carrots…?) Anyway, I also roasted up some “zuchinni fries”,
cooked up some quinoa flakes with curry and agave

and had a side salad with dried cranberries, sunflower seeds and crunched up Mary’s Sticks and Twigs.

In other news, I made it onto Angela’s (from Oh She Glows) Health News Round up yesterady night! I was so excited to see that I was on her list, as a “Quinoa Protein Bowl Spotting“! That was a delicious dinner, I highly recommend you try it!
Anyway, back to le studying. Hope you are all having a lovely night!
xoxo gossip girl.


  1. I agree with making your own ketchup! Its never good to eat something that upsets your tummy. I know how bad that feels.
    Other than that, your food looks delicious and I'm happy you were able to relax and watch GG. Hope you're having a great day!

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