Lazy Smoothies

When you’re too lazy to throw in your own ingredients to make a smoothie, pre-made smoothies never fail. Although homemade smoothies are my number one choice…when I’m too hungry to wait for the Magic Bullet to do it’s…”magic”, I turn to the pre-made one in the fridge!
I really like this pre-made, store bought smoothie by President’s Choice Blue Menu. It’s ‘Wild Blueberry and Acai”…and it is PACKED with delicious fruits!
Read: 180 blueberries (do you think they actually count out 180???); 24 black berries, 270 acai, 1 3/4 apples, 2 banans, 3/4 pear. Delish!
I enjoyed my smoothie with a sprinkle of flax and made my self a nice big yogurt/apple sauce mess.
Vanilla soy yogurt (the best I’ve ever had – Solgurt by Sol Cuisine, tastes nothing like soy yogurt…so smooth and creamy), unsweetened applesauce, 1 nectarine, Perky’s Crunchy Flax, Nature’s Path Rice Crisps, soy nuts, raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon…all mixed together = yum! It actaully reminded me of my dinner I had last night (Protein Power Bowl)…although, it definitely didn’t taste the same…thank goodness – I don’t think I could stomach curry in the morning.
Funny story actually…a few weeks ago as I woke up at 6:30 for my 8:30 class, I went to sprinkle my usual cinnamon on my bowl of oats; however, the only source of light in the kitchen was the overhead light of the stove, and the jars that hold my spices are all the same looking…so I actually didn’t really pay to much attention to what spice jar I picked up. As I started shaking away at my cinnamon…I realized that cumin was the ingredient being sprinkled onto my morning oats, the oats with vanilla almond milk, honey, bananas and sunflower seed butter. I was not impressed. I didn’t have time to make a whole other bowl, and I was not excited about the idea of wasting all that food. So I simply scraped off as much cumin as I could. Here and there I would get a hint of cumin in my spoon, but really it wasn’t too awful…it kind of made me think that savory oats really wouldn’t be too bad…just not with bananas and nut butter!
This breakfast really filled me up. I was actually just a little too full for comfort. It definitely kept me satisfied until lunch time rolled around at 1:30…4 hours of fullness!
For lunch I had one of my favourite go-to lunches, a huge mix of everything salad. I love throwing a bunch of stuff into a tupperware with a bit of lettuce, pouring in some dressing and shaking it up. They’re by far my favourite lunches. Today’s salad had red peppers, fennel, cucumbers, carrots, chickpeas and pickles. Usually I add some form of dried fruit, but I just wasn’t feeling it today. My dressing was honey mustard and apple cider vinegar. Yum! I also had some Super Slim Brown Rice Garden Vegetable crackers on the side.
I got to eat lunch while studying for my exam tomorrow…how fun….not!
I did some hard core procrastination between 4-5:30 this afternoon…I went for a walk, cleaned the kitchen, called my Mom, and I made carob “chocolate”! I saw a recipe for vegan chocolate on Love Veggies and Yoga, and I just had to try making it! It was super easy and took no time to make. I substituted carob powder instead of the chocolate though. It’s still in the freezer hardening up, so I’ll post about it tomorrow.
Once dinner came, I really wasn’t in the mood to cook anything up, so I turned to another one of my favourite go-to dinners. Gluten free toast with sunflower seed butter and veggies. It never fails and honestly, I could probably eat toast every meal of the day. I had my favourite gluten free bread, Organic Works! This kind was Rice and Millet…it’s pretty yummy.
One slice with sunflower seed butter and raspberry fruit spread, the other with sunflower seed butter and honey!

Nut butters + honey are my favourite combo, sweet and salty, yum yum. What are your favourite combos on toast?

Now I’m pretty much done my studying for the night…I need to get to bed early for my morning exam tomorrow…a nice 6:30 wake up call for tomorrow morning.
P.S – I got formspring! I have the box located on the right hand column bar. Ask away!

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