Kabocha Squash!

Guess what? I finally found kabocha squash at Whole Foods (as I mentioned in my last post)! I have been looking everywhere for this supposedly amazing squash. I’ve read about it in so many other blogs, and it just looked SO good!
I wasn’t really sure how to cook it, but I figured that most of you just slice it up and bake it…am I right? I baked it for half an hour until it became golden and fork tender.
Man oh man was it good! I think butternut squash may be beat out by this little guy. It was almost like the consistency and texture of a dense sweet potato, but tasted like a cross between butternut and acorn squash. I loved how I could eat the skin too! It was crispy and nutty flavoured. I think next time I will also roast the seeds, because some of the seeds were stuck to the flesh when I baked it, so I peeled them off and ate them and wow were they yummy. They tasted like pumpkin seeds…but better!
I dipped my kabocha squash in ketchup…which I probably shouldn’t have done as I’m paying for it this morning. Ketchup = acidic = not so good on the tum.
Oh well…it was worth it!
How do you eat your kabocha squash? Do you dip it anything?
Sorry for such a short post! I know I have been lacking in my posts the past few days…but my first exam is only 3 days away and I’m thinking school comes before blogging.

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  1. I can eat kabocha squash any way possible: roasted, sauteed, cold, hot, in soup, alone, sweet, savory, etc. Seriously, your love affair is just starting….!

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