It’s a Miracle!

Last week my friend and I experienced the very interesting Miracle Berry! This freeze dried berry tablet is perfectly legal and 100% safe to try. The Miracle Berry (Synsepalum dulcificum) is a native fruit to West Africa, and is also known as Miracle Fruit or Miraculous Fruit. The miracle berry contains a protein called Miraculin that binds to taste receptors and makes bitter things taste sweet. The Miraculin pretty much fools the taste receptors into thinking that sour foods are sweet. You can order these berries online, there are a bunch of websites, such as and
I got my miracle berry from a friend, but I will definitely be ordering them soon!

A little history about the miracle berry:

The miracle berry (Synsepalum dulcificum) also known as miracle fruit was first discovered in 1725 by a European explorer named Chevalier des Marchais. He noted how various tribes were popping miracle fruit berries before they would eat their traditional foods—kankies (cornbread), pitto (palm wine), and guddoe (oatmeal gruel). He tried some and noticed that the berries made these sour foods sweet.
In 1852, a British surgeon, Dr. William Freeman Daniell, described the fruit in a pharmaceutical journal as a “miraculous” berry. However it wasn’t until 1919, a notable USDA botanist, David Fairchild first imported several trees into the United States. By 1950’s the miracle berry was thriving and being eaten by locals and tourist in Florida, Puerto Rico, and Panama.
(text directly taken from Miracle Berry Facts,

MY Experience!
This was the little tablet I took. It has to dissolve on your tongue. You have to move it around your whole tongue to make sure the Miraculin covers all of the taste receptors. It probably took 5-7 minutes for it to fully dissolve. Once it was dissolved the taste testing began!

On the board we have lemon wedges, salt and vinegar chips, rum, avocado, mustard, sour patch kids, tangy dill pickles, cream cheese, sour skittles and chocolate chips.

Lemon wedges: Oh my goodness. We bit into them and began laughing hysterically! It was SO strange how the lemon tasted like a sweet citrus fruit. It was mind boggling because of course we were expecting the lemon to taste like a lemon (who bites into a lemon anyway?), but it tasted like a sugar coated lemon candy, but with the consistency and texture of an orange. We just ate lemon wedges like oranges, it was so delicious.
Salt and vinegar chips: First off, I really don’t like salt and vinegar chips, they are just too tangy and sour for me, I can’t handle sour foods. The chips were delicious on the miracle berry, they tasted like sweet and salty popcorn. When I looked up on the internet what the best foods to try with the miracle berry, salt and vinegar chips came up and they said that they would taste like chinese sweet and sour…I was expecting to taste that, but I just tasted a sweeter salty chip.
Rum: I only had a little sip of rum, and it tasted very smooth, however, the burning alcohol sensation down my throat was still there.
Avocado and mustard: The avocado and mustard didn’t have any effects from the berry, I think because they are both mild, however I thought the vinegary taste of the mustard would have made it more sweet.
Sour patch kids and sour skittles: These two candies are never ones I take off the shelf at the candy story, reason being is because I am not a fan of sour candy, it makes me cringe too much. These candies were the total opposite of sour though, they were so sweet, I loved the effect the berry had on them.
Tangy dill pickles: The tangy dill pickles turned into sweet gherkin pickles, it was almost like a cold, wet candy. Absolutely delicious.
Cream cheese: Supposedly the cream cheese was to taste like a cheese cake filling. I didn’t find much of a resemblance to cheese cake, perhaps because I was caught off guard by eating a spoonful of cream cheese, however it was sweeter than what it usually tasted like. I also read that sour cream tastes like whipped cream and goats cheese tastes like frosting or icing sugar.
Chocolate chips: The chocolate chips I had out were the Hershey’s milk chocolate chips. The berry had a weird effect on the chocolate, it made a sweet milky chocolate taste bitter and salty. I definitely did not like chocolate with the berry.
I also tried an orange (not shown in the picture above), the orange was incredible. The sweetest orange I have ever had. YUM
The berry lasted about 45 minutes to an hour, the length of time that it is supposed to last. I really loved experimenting with different tastes, it was a very cool experience.
The next time I do this I think I will try more fruits, like green grapes, tart apples, melon and pineapple.
Have you ever tried the miracle berry? What did you try with it?

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