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One thing that I have really missed since being dairy free is ice cream. I used to love ice cream, it was the perfect after dinner treat, a nice bowl of cold creamy, sweet and delicious ice cream. I also miss going out for ice cream, it was such a fun treat to ride my bike over to the closest ice cream place and grab a cone with my friends, or walk over to the convenient store and have an ice cream sandwich or drumstick. My favourite flavour was mint chocolate chip, but I also loved getting Rolo!

Since I have been dairy free though, cow’s milk ice cream isn’t really an option, I can’t go out with friends to get a cone of deliciousness, because my gut just won’t accept it. And…Baskin’ Robbins or Licks just doesn’t have soy based ice creams.

However, I have since found dairy ice cream alternatives, such as ice cream made from rice and soy. Soy ice cream has a very rich and distinct taste, but it is still creamy and the texture is the same as dairy ice cream. Rice ice cream is not as satisfying as dairy ice cream…it is a little more grainy and not as creamy. But none the less, I still love having the odd bowl of soy or rice ice cream every now and then.

I had been hearing a lot about coconut milk ice cream through some of the posts by Veggie Girl. It looked so good and she said so many great things about it. I wanted to try it so badly, but I could never find it anywhere. I then came across it at The Big Carrot…but when I read the label I didn’t see any signs of it being gluten free…so I didn’t want to waste $9 on a pint of ice cream if it was just going to make me feel sick. When I got home I contacted Turtle Mountain (the makers of the Purely Decadent Coconut Milk Ice Cream) to inquire what products of theirs were gluten free, excitingly the coconut variety was indeed gluten free and free of any dairy!!

On my trip to Florida, I found the coconut ice cream at Publix, and bought it with so much happiness…I couldn’t wait to try it!!!

Conclusion = AMAZING! The taste was so delicious. It was vanilla-ey with just a hint of coconut, and the texture was exactly the same as plain old cows milk ice cream. It was creamy, rich and sweet, and I didn’t even think I was eating an alternative ice cream. It was great. (I had the Vanilla Bean flavour).

Purely Decadent Coconut Milk Ice cream is:
Dairy Free/Lactose Free
– Sweetened with Agave
– Gluten Free
– Contains no soy protein
– Cholesterol Free
– No Trans Fats
– Certified Vegan
– Certified Made with Organic Ingredients

There is no refined sugar in it either! 1/2 cup = 150 calories, 8g of fat and 12 g of sugar.

I think that this ice cream has won me over, I don’t see how I can ever go back to eating soy ice cream after this…but, if I am in need of a quick ice cream fix and coconut is not the available option…then soy will have to be my friend.

Good job Turtle Mountain!

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  1. If you loved the Purely Decadent coconut milk vanilla bean flavor (I do, too!), wait until you try the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor! It's got these tiny bits of gluten-free cookie dough in it, and it's amazing! And guess what? They have a mint chocolate chip flavor, too!

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