Hello? Anyone There?

Oh. my. goodness. I cannot believe how long it’s been since I last posted here – my first born blog-baby. It’s been a busy year…actually a busy two years! In 2016 was a year full of wedding festivities, as on September 24th I married my best friend!

…And in 2017, I started a new blog, The Omm Life (which I dedicated a lot of my time too to get things up and running) and in October I left my corporate job to start my own business – a creative communications and branding company called Bloomm Agency.

It’s not that I forgot about The Gut Gazette…I thought about it all the time. But, since I started this little site, so much has changed and evolved…and I wasn’t yet sure how I wanted to move forward with it.

At first I thought I’d merge it with The Omm Life…but, I ended up realizing I didn’t want to combine the two brands (as they do have their differences).

So, I’ve decided to keep the blog, keep the brand…yet collaborate with The Omm Life. I may share gluten-free recipes from The Gut Gazette on The Omm Life and I might share stress-free tips on how to handle tummy troubles from The Omm Life on The Gut Gazette.

I’ll go forward with these two blogs, but all social media updates (other than Facebook) will be under one name…my name – @MeganMarsiglio.

Thanks for following along with my blogging journey!

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