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*Beanitos Giveaway at bottom of post!!

Healthy chips? That sounds a bit like an oxymoron, however Beanitos chips are actually healthy!

Beanitos – The Original Bean Chip, was created to be a healthy snack. They are low in the glycemic index (perfect for blood sugar), free of corn, gluten free, higher in fibre and protein than most chips on the market (fibre 5g/10 chips and protein 4g/10 chips), free of trans fat and cholesterol and contain essential ALA Omega 3s. I don’t think you would find those stats in a regular potato chip! 
There are 4 Beanitos flavours:
1. Black Bean
2. Pinto Bean and Flax
3. Cheddar Cheese
4. Chipotle BBQ
A serving of the bean chips are 10 chips for 140-150 calories.
1. Black Bean Chips
For those of you allergic to flax seeds, the Black Bean Chips are the only type to not include flax in the  ingredients. The Black Bean flavour is very mild, and more like a cracker in taste than a chip. You can really taste the black bean flavour, I think they would pair perfectly with a guacamole dip or salsa and be great to make nachos with. 

2. Pinto Bean and Flax
Similar to the Black Bean chip, this chip also is mild in flavour and would make for a great dipping chip. I liked the crunch of this chip, it had a good consistency and would make for a perfect afternoon snack. 

3. Cheddar Cheese
Everyone has their own preferences and tastes…and this chip was just not for me. I really was put off by the smell of the cheddar and I found it to taste a little off. Sometimes flax seeds can taste a little “fishy”, due to the Omega 3s, I found these chips to have an overbearing “flax-y” taste to them. I guess I was expecting a cheese Dorito when I popped it in my mouth. Maybe it was just this bag? Perhaps not all of the Cheddar Cheese Beanitos taste like this, I might have to test them out again. 

4. Chipotle BBQ
These were my favourite! I absolutely loved the Chipotle BBQ. I could see myself easily eating half the bag while watching TV. They have a great crunch to them and a wonderful BBQ flavour. At the beginning the flavour is very smokey, it then turns sweet and at the end there is a bang with a bit of a spicy kick left on the back of your tongue. I found that they tasted like a combination of Doritos and BBQ chips. I love the fact that they are so yummy, but also healthy! 

I am sure you all know that old school yard song…”beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot….”. Well yes, one of my first thoughts with these chips were that of the gas factor. I know what happens when I eat too many beans…so why would I want to risk it with a snack?? Fortunatly, the back of the bag says that Beanitos are bean chips without gas! They created a “unique, natural and proprietary way to make Beanitos without the common side effects some people assoiciate with beans.” How fantastic?! But…they do also note that it probably wouldn’t be wise to eat a whole bag on your first go…
So, if you are running out to the grocery store today, I would recommend the Chipotle BBQ and Black Bean chips – they were my two favourites and I could see them being enjoyed by a variety of people.
Lastly…how would you like to try all 4 flavours for yourself? Beanitos has been very kind to allow me to host a Beanitos Giveaway on The Gut Gazette. The giveaway is open to Canadian and American residences, however – no P.O Box addresses please.

How to enter? There are 2 possible ways to win. 

1. Follow me on Twitter @gutgazette and then leave a comment below saying you did.

2. Tweet about the contest to gain another entry saying: “I just entered the Beanitos giveaway @gutgazette, check it out And again, comment below saying you did this. 

The contest will end on October 29th, I will use a random number generator to determine who wins. I will than announce who the winner! Good luck to all! 


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