Happy Hump Day!

Is it only just Wednesday?

It feels as though it should be Friday…oh well, I guess it’s good to be busy, right?
I have definitely been able to meet the definition of busy this past week, studying, paper writing, studying and studying…how I love midterms.

I thought I would take a little bit of a different spin on this post today, by not just talking about the usual health and well being stuff, food, recipes or product reviews. Mainly because I just have to share some Canadian pride with this article I read today.

Air Canada flight idled for Olympic hockey fans

The Canadian Press

Updated: Wed. Mar. 10 2010 8:47 PM ET

VANCOUVER — Travellers over the world know the pains of flight delays – due to fog, weather, late pilots, or just plain busy airports.

But only in Canada would a flight get delayed for a hockey game.

Air Canada president Calin Rovinescu told a Vancouver business gathering that one of his company’s scheduled flights sat on the tarmac as passengers finished watching the men’s gold medal match between Canada and the U.S. on the final day of the Olympic Games.

He said travellers on the Montreal-bound flight just couldn’t be persuaded to board the plane while play continued.

Instead, they watched the heartstopping hockey game being broadcast on airport departure screens.

Passengers on board Air Canada flights around the world during the Canada-U.S. showdown were kept apprised of the score by the flight crew, who were receiving real-time updates from operations control.

Only in Canada…

Anyway, on to some delicious products I stumbled across while in the States…I wish they were here in Canada too!

1. Whole Soy & Co. – Soy yogurt: Creamy and tasted nothing like soy. I thought I was eating plain old regular cow’s yogurt. It was silky and amazing, I don’t really have words to describe how much I enjoyed this. I think for all of the 8 mornings I was there, I awoke to a little tub of this goodness. I was only able to find the raspberry and blueberry flavours, but I enjoyed the raspberry just a little more than the blueberry. Supposedly the yogurt is made just like cow’s milk yogurt and they culture the soymilk with vegan probiotic cultures. It is dairy free, vegan, and gluten free!

If I ever find this in Canada, I think I will live off of it!

2. SunButter- Sunflower Seed Spread, Natural Crunch: Now I have seen this in Canadian stores, but I don’t ever buy it because there is cane sugar listed in the ingredients, but there were no other sunflower seed butter brands, and my craving of this nut butter just was not going to last for a week. I chose to go with the ‘natural crunch’, to see how it differed from smooth sunflower seed butter. It was packed with whole sunflower seeds, and the taste was delicious. Very nutty and sweet…or shall I say sweet and salty. I didn’t mind the ‘dehydrated cane juice’ that was added, it made for a sweeter snack (and the amount of sugar per serving was very insignificant). I did like the crunch to this as well, it went perfect with sliced apples. I just found it harder to spread on crackers, because the seeds didn’t really “blend” onto the flat surface. I just realized from being on their website though, that they do carry an organic variety with no sugar or salt added – I’ll have to give that one a try! This is a great alternative if you can’t eat nuts or you just love sunflower seeds…like me!

Oh yah….it was also gluten free, and free of any other common allergen!

(Okay, one last review for today!)

3. Crispy Green – Crispy Bananas and Crispy Pears: These were a fun little find. They are 100% freeze dried fruit, with no additives or preservatives…just plain old fruit. The banana variety read, Ingredients: Bananas. The pear, Ingredients: Asian pears. Easy work for the eyes, didn’t have to scan through a whole list picking out ingredients that weren’t safe for me. Bonus, they were gluten free too! I love reading those two words, they make me so happy. Verdict = yum. I really enjoyed these. Sometimes I find that freeze dried fruits are a total disappointment, they sometimes just taste like styrofoam, and when crumbled look like saw dust. These were not like that at all though. They were dense and had taste. The banana was my favourite, I liked eating them on their own, but I loved mixing them in with my yogurt and granola, or into my warm bowl of oats. It was even good on top of gf bread with sunflower seed butter…yummy! The pears were delicious too. I also brought home mango and pineapple, but I am yet to try them…I’m kind of savouring my bananas still…and making them last…although I have learned my lesson in the past when it comes to saving food. Funny story: A few years ago my Aunt and I went to Montreal for the day, where we purchased the coolest looking pasta. I bought pasta in the shape of sombreros, striped red yellow and green and my aunt bought black and white striped bow ties. They were expensive..$14 or something like that. I was going to stuff them with ricotta and something sweet, they were going to be delicious, but I kept saving them for the perfect occasion. Point being, I got sick, couldn’t stuff them with dairy products, then went gluten free…so they’re still in the cupboard…probably expired by now. So moral of the story, don’t save things…enjoy them once you buy them! Anyway…back to the free dried fruits! I love them and would love to find these somewhere in Canada! They’re the perfect go-to snack and can be mixed into anything…apple sauce, yogurt, cereal, on top of toast, on their own….anything works!

Well, that was lengthy.

Have a good night!



P.S – If you know of anywhere where you can get the soy yogurt of freeze dried fruit in Canada, let me know!!!

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  1. That airline/hockey story is classic! LOL! And I didn't know the president of Air Canada is Romanian. (So am I!) Say, next time you're in the States, try and get your hands on some So Delicious agave-sweetened soy yogurt or coconut milk yogurt. I think they're a lot tastier than Whole Soy and they also have live/active cultures. 🙂

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