Good for your SOL.

I finally got around to trying Sol Cuisine’s veggie burgers. I’ve been hearing so much about these frozen gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian patties, but there was never really a time that I wanted to eat them. I feel like burgers are a total summer bbq kind of food – they’re not something I usually crave in the winter.
Up at the cottage this weekend, we were having a bbq for dinner one night, so I decided I would buy these veggie burgers for our Sunday night bbq. Not going to lie – they don’t really compare to a juicy beef burger…but it was still nice to eat something that looked sort of similar to the rest of the families dinner. I felt normal having my dad bbq me a burger that I could eat, and I felt normal when I was sitting around the table layering condiments and veggies on a patty with the rest of the family.
I had my Mushroom and Rice burger on 2 slices of gluten free bread – the best gluten free bread in the universe, as the little bakery I get it from says it is. It is quite good. Full of seeds and different gluten free flours. It still doesn’t beat Organic Works gluten free bread though.
I think you have to like mushrooms to enjoy this patty, as you could definitely taste the mushroom flavour. I love how there are gluten free, vegetarian burger options out there, but I’m not going to lie, I don’t think I’ll be running out any time soon to buy these again. They were okay, but they weren’t the greatest. There wasn’t much flavour to the patty, I had to try really hard to figure out the tastes in it. It did have the texture of a beef patty though, the box was right! I’ll never say never though – I may try one of Sol’s other veggie burgers (I do love Sol’s soy yogurt though!!). I would love to make my own veggies burgers…anyone have any good recipes to share??
Beside from the “okay” burger…the weekend was SO lovely. It was such a beautiful hot weekend at the cottage, the lake was just screaming for me to jump in…however, the lake was a little too cold for my liking. I think I’ll wait a few more weeks before I’m ready to take my first swim of the year.
Today is a really hot day, I probably should be outside enjoying it…but I’m feeling quite tired and lazy today. I had a really bad little flare up yesterday…it totally knocked me out…but I think I have to attribute it to the gin and tonic that I had for the second night in a row…I thought I was onto something! The first night I had it the alcohol didn’t do anything to me…but once I had it the second night it hit me right away…stupid gut!
Anyway! Enjoy your Tuesday!! Anyone watching Glee/American Idol/The Biggest Loser tonight??? So many shows to juggle tonight 🙂

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