Gluten Free Rice Cakes: Product Review

Even though rice cakes tend to tasteless…I really do love them. I like the crunch of them and they’re perfect spread with nut butters or fruit spreads. I use to eat the Quaker rice cakes on a daily occurrence, until I started being 100% gluten free, and discovered that Quaker products are cross contaminated with gluten. I was so mad, I didn’t know what I was going to do to substitute my rice cake obsession! I was later searching online, and found a company called Lundberg Family Farms had a line of gluten free, organic, vegan rice cakes! I looked at pretty much every organic health food store around me and couldn’t find them anywhere, until last week I looked in the little health food store on campus and found them. There were three flavours in stock: Brown Rice, Lightly Salted, Honey Nut, and Tamari with Seaweed. I chose the Brown Rice and Honey Nut kinds. They are wonderful! I love how dense and crunchy they are, they are even flavorful. Lundberg calls them “heavy little bags” because each rice cake is made with 2x as much rice than other brands. Since they make them with more rice, they actually have calories in them too. Quaker rice cakes just have 35 calories, which is literally nothing, and calories I need!

The Brown Rice, Lightly Salted taste a bit like eating plain salted popcorn, and they have a bit of a nutty taste to them…probably from the brown rice. If I spread sunflower seed butter ontop, I can taste a hint of salt on my tongue…which is kind of nice…but I would like to see if they have an unsalted kind, other than that I really like them.
The Honey Nut flavour isn’t as sweet as I thought it would be, but still it’s a nice fix to a sweet craving. They sort of taste like the ‘Honey Nut Cheerios‘ that I would eat as a child, but with a less intense flavor.
I would highly recommend these rice cakes, they aren’t just rounds of tasteless styrofoam, they actually satisfy you!

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