Gluten Free “Kraft Dinner”

University foods definitely include Kraft Dinner. I would love to see the numbers on how many students in University/College eat Kraft Dinner a week. I am sure it’s a high number!
Unfortunately the gluten free students don’t have that option to open a box of KD and quickly cook it. However, I found a wonderful gluten free alternative to Kraft Dinner!
The brand is Irresistibles, found at the grocery store Metro (in Canada).

It was definitely delicious, but I wouldn’t say it was “irresistible”. The pasta took a lot longer to cook then the box indicated, so I had to keep checking on it…I didn’t want to overcook it. The powdered cheese was much brighter in colour than Kraft Dinner’s cheese.
I didn’t find the powdered cheese to be that “cheesy” in taste, it was a bit bland, and I had to smother it in Ketchup. I would buy this again, and I would recommend it to those who are gluten free and need a Kraft Dinner alternative. However, if you aren’t gluten free, don’t pick up this box, go straight to the real stuff…it’s not the same as good old Kraft Dinner.
If anyone knows of any other gluten free macaroni and cheese (that is in a box), I would love to hear them!


  1. This product looks great, I'll have to try it out, thank you for sharing!
    I think that it is great there are gf alternatives like this so that kids can still have fun eating “kid” food..

  2. I have tried Annie's Rice Pasta and Cheddar and it tastes EXACTLY like the original KD. I don't know how she does it, but it's perfect. The Irresistible is far from perfect. The pasta is hard and hard to cook and the cheese … well not so cheesy.

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