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At the end of August my family took a little trip to Boston. It was a great time, we saw a lot by walking around but also taking the subway to different spots – such as Harvard Square and the New England Aquarium. I loved how green and beautiful Boston was, it was also very gluten free friendly! I did do my research before we went, to see what restaurants were gluten free and which ones had gluten free menus.  
The first day we arrived in Boston, we took the subway to Quincy Market and found the restaurant Wagamama, as I read online that it had gluten free items. The menu itself did not indicate what items were gluten free, but the waiter was knowledgable in telling us what was gluten free and what dishes could be substituted for rice noodles, etc. I ordered a dish called ‘yasai cha han’ – it was a brown rice bowl with egg (which I omitted), squash, peas, corn, tofu and mushrooms. It was so delicious. The ingredients were fresh and the tofu had an amazing taste to it. I definitely want to try to recreate this dish. I would recommend this restaurant to anybody with an allergy, they were very accommodating with my mom and sister’s garlic allergy, my gluten allergy and egg intolerance. 
The first night we went to a little Mexican restaurant called Zocalo, located at 35 Stanhope St. I thought that it would for sure be gluten free, as most authentic Mexican food has corn tortillas instead of flour. However, most of the menu items were not with corn tortillas and they were not able to substitute them in (I found that odd). I found that the staff were not very familiar with what a gluten allergy was, although they did have gluten free beer (New Grist) on their menu, but it was all sold out. I ordered the ‘Enchilada de Pollo’ – pulled chicken in three corn tortillas with ranchera sauce, mexican rice and black beans. The actual chicken in the tortilla was really delicious, but the ranchera sauce was extremely spicy! My mouth felt raw and burnt after I finished my meal, but the black beans seemed to help calm down the spice (so did the margarita!). I am sure any spice fanatic would have loved the meal, but I am just not a fan of exceptionally spicy food. All in all I thought Zocalo was a decent ‘hole-in-the-wall’ Mexican restaurant. I would recommend it those who are looking to go for appetizers and margaritas, as there are more gluten free appetizer options than entrees. 
The second day we found the restaurant Uno Chicago Grill, I had also heard about this restaurant online. They are known for their gluten free pizzas. I loved the fact that they had an extensive gluten free menu that not only listed what was gluten free on the “normal” menu, but also had specific gluten free items – like the gluten free thin crust pizzas. There was also gluten free beer and cider on the drink menu, but I decided to stay clear from any alcoholic beverages, as it was only noon and beer at lunch makes me sleepy. I of course ordered a pizza, the gluten free veggie thin crust pizza. It was delicious and huge! It tasted like the crust was made in house, and the veggies all seemed very fresh. I’m pretty sure I dusted off most of the pizza, there were only a few slices remaining once the bill came our way. Though the food was delicious, the service was terrible. It was so bad that it got my family laughing. Of course not all Uno’s will have the same service, so I would highly recommend this gluten free friendly restaurant. 

For dinner on the second day we ventured over to P.F Changs. It was our first time ever going, and we had heard so many wonderful things about it. P.F Changs was yummy…but it wasn’t as magnificent as it was built up to be. I did find it easy and comforting to have a full on gluten free menu, and it was neat to have gluten free soy sauce at a restaurant (that was a first), but the portions of the meals were a huge set back. I ordered the gluten free fried rice, it was delicious but it was a portion for 4, maybe 6 people. I could only eat so much. My parents and sister enjoyed their meals, but said it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary when it comes to Chinese Food. If you are a huge diehard Chinese food fan and you have a gluten allergy, then yes, by all means I would recommend heading to P.F Changs, but if you have other gluten free restaurants that you are yearning to try, go to those first. 

I have to say that my best gluten free food moment was our last night in Boston. We were lucky enough to visit Fenway Park for a Red Sox vs. Angels game. It was so fun and an experience I will never forget! I love going to ball games, but I hate not being able to order “ball game food”, such as hot dogs and beer. Fenway Park knows how to accomodate for both gluten eaters and non gluten eaters. Their menu indicates what is gluten free, and lucky enough, they have a gluten free hot dog option. I was able to order a gluten free hotdog with a side of fries and eat my hot dog with a huge smile across my face without my stomach hurting later! I haven’t had a hot dog in years, it was so worth the wait to be able to enjoy a gf hot dog while watching a baseball game. So, if you’re gluten free and looking for a gluten free baseball experience, Fenway Park is the place to go! 
This picture does not do it justice. The bun was chewy and moist!!

I was very impressed by the amount of gluten free restaurants and gluten free menus that Boston offered. There were so many other restaurants I wanted to try (I had a huge list) – so maybe one day I will go back and discover all that Boston has to offer gluten free! 
Have you been to Boston? Have you stumbled across some delicious gluten free restaurants? I would love to hear! 


  1. Love Boston! Haven't been there in years, so it's good to hear about the GF options. Even the Rogers Centre has GF options now – there's a gluten free beer at the large beer area near home plate on the 100 level, and then out in right field (Muddy York Market, I think?) they have GF burgers, sandwiches, etc! The only bad part is some security won't let you to that level if you prefer to sit higher (like I do for Argo games) – but if you can get down there, there's some options for us Celiacs!

  2. That is so good to know! I will definitely have to have a gluten free experience at the Rogers Centre, thanks for letting me know all of that!

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