Gluten Free Beauty: AHAVA Product Review

The Dead Sea, located in Israel, is also known as the “lowest health spa in the world”. Why? Because the Dead Sea has a large proportion of salts and minerals in the water and mud, that make a unique, nourishing, age defying, and healing potion for the skin. AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories is a company which began in 1988, to take advantage of the ever healing Dead Sea water and mud to create the finest, nature-inspired body products. Now, in 2012, AHAVA Active DeadSea Minerals has an array of products, including cleansers and toners, makeup, serums, sun care and moisturizers.

What I love about AHAVA is that all of their products are paraben free, SLS/SLES free, free of petroleum, synthetic ingredients and GMOs, they do not test on animals, all is approved for sensitive skin and AHAVA is formulated using Dead Sea water, mineral mud and sea salt. The bonus is that the majority of AHAVA’s products are gluten free!

A few similarities that I have found with the four products I have reviewed, is their refreshing, beautiful scent, and the remarkably smooth, gentle effect it has on the skin. Not only is AHAVA smooth, velvety and fresh smelling, but all of the products also have an invigorating feel.

The following AHAVA reviews are amazing products that I would highly recommend, they are also all gluten free.

AHAVA DeadSea Water Mineral Hand Cream 

This is by far the best hand cream I have ever tried. A pea-sized amount goes a long way, covering the whole hand in an extremely soft, velvety glove. When I apply the hand cream, I can’t stop touching my hands, they feel SO soft. A bonus to AHAVA’s hand cream is that it has zero grease. Do you know that feeling of a greasy moisturizer that prevents you from opening a door knob or that gets all over your cellphone when your’e trying to text? Well AHAVA does not have this problem what so ever. The fragrance of the cream reminds me of gardenia, peony and fresh laundry. It is so light and fresh smelling, I love it! I even find that the moisturizer lasts after one washing of my hands. The velvety feeling and scent is still present. On AHAVA’s website, they describe the Water Mineral Hand Cream as specially formulated to protect hands and safeguard them from harsh climates and household damage. It instantly smooths chapped, dry skin and restores suppleness. Yes, yes and yes!

Price: $22 (CND) at or The Bay

AHAVA Age Control Night Nourishment 

Velvety, soft, calming and refreshing. This age defying night cream, from AHAVA’s Time to Smooth line, feels heavenly on the face. I found it to be a wonderful moisturizer to follow up with after my face wash. It did not feel too heavy, nor was it oily. The Age Control moisturizer is paired with AHAVA’s 3D Complex, which includes dunaliella algae, date plant extract and the Dead Sea minerals to enable the skin to “adapt a younger behaviour by optimizing cell functions and minimizing skin stress”. The 3D Complex creates a smoothing effect of fine lines and wrinkles. The moisturizer had the scent of citrus and floral, but it wasn’t heavily fragranced. The moisturizer claims to reduce wrinkles with the 3D complex, protect against photo aging and wrinkle formation, brighten and clarify skin and strengthen and firm the skin. As I am a twenty-something female, I have not been faced with the effects of aging skin, therefore, I did not use the cream to experience wrinkle reduction. I did notice my skin to brighten up a bit, but it is hard for me to relay the age defying results that this moisturizer claims. I absolutely loved the feel of it on my face though, and it definitely did a great job as a moisturizer. I also felt a bit of the firming qualities that the cream had. My skin did feel tighter on my face, particularly on my forehead and upper cheeks. I love how the cream uses natural ingredients to firm the skin and reduce wrinkles, instead of using harsh chemicals.

Price: $65 (CND) at, The Bay, and Sears 

AHAVA Age Control Intensive Serum 

The Age Control Intensive Serum is also part of AHAVA’s Time to Smooth line. Like the Age Control Night Nourishment, I could not see any results in wrinkle reduction, as I have twenty-something skin and have not yet encountered wrinkles. However, this intensive serum does claim to have an anti-wrinkle effect (so hopefully with continuous use I will never notice any wrinkles!), brightening and clarifying properties on the skin, and improves radiance and elasticity. I did find that it brightened and clarified my complexion and I found my complexion to look more radiant. It took a few weeks for any changes to be seen, although every application felt wonderful and because it was applied before the moisturizer, it almost felt like it was keeping my skin under control. Again, I love how there are no intense chemicals used to create the anti-aging effects. The serum includes a blend of Dead Sea minerals, fruit acids (such as orange and citrus AHA acids that remove dead cells and minimize the depth of wrinkles, and bilberry extract that reveals brighter skin), and essential proteins (such as glycoproteins, polysaccharides and hydrogenated castor oil that improves the skin’s moisture levels) that encourage skin repair and improve skin’s texture. You don’t need many pumps of the serum to cover the skin on your face. It also has a dull fragrance to it, which makes it perfect for under a moisturizer.

Price: $75 (CND) at, The Bay, and Sears 

AHAVA Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash – Lotus and Chestnut

Whether it’s a calming, warm, lengthy shower or bath, or a quick invigorating shower, AHAVA’s Velvet Cream Wash makes you feel both calm and revitalized. The whole shower/bath becomes scented with the beautiful fragrance of the Lotus and Chestnut perfumes. It smells much like a sweet smelling flower, but with a kick of spice. The best part of the wash is the feel it has on the skin. The label of ‘Velvet Cream Wash’ is certainly correct – it is definitely velvety. It feels as if you are washing a velvet cream all over your body (feels much like the DeadSea Mineral Hand Cream). The end result from using the wash and drying off after the shower is smooth, hydrated skin. There were times when I didn’t even feel the need to apply body moisturizer after. I also have very sensitive skin, and I find that many body washes/soaps make my skin itchy and tight feeling, this however did not. I would definitely recommend this wonderful body wash, it makes for a whole different showering experience.

Price: $24 (CND) at and The Bay 

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