Getting My Study Break On!

My mind feels like mush! How much can a girl study in a 1 day??
I honestly just can’t wait to be done with exams, it will be so awesome to be on 4 months of summer…even though I’ll be taking 2 distant education courses.
I promised myself I was going to work really hard until dinner time rolled around and then call it quits for the night…but my little brain couldn’t justify that, it needed a break, hence why I’ve turned to blogging hehe.
While I was studying for my social psychology course, I came across this quote on the page:
It really clicked home with me, and I thought I would share it with you all 🙂
On another note, I bought this book the other day at Chapters:
Meditation, week by week, by David Fontana.
I’ve really been wanting to learn how to meditate for a while now, so I’ve decided to finally give in to it!
The book has 52 different meditations to try out over 52 weeks, being 1 year. The book says that each meditation doesn’t have to be practiced everyday, but that these practices are intended to be practices for as long as you desire. The book reads “in the year ahead put aside conventional ideas of progress, of measuring how far you have travelled each week and each month. Notice instead how sometimes you seem to come a long way in a single meditation session, while at other times you may feel you’re slipping back even beyond your starting point. Do not be elated by the first kind of expereince or disspointed by the second. These observations are essentail lessons about your mind. Distracting emotions such as elation and disappointment are part of the obstacles that have to be overcome on the path to self-discovery.” I’m really looking forward to this new challenge! I’ll be updating each week on the new meditation practice I have learned.
Anyway, I’m really looking forward to dinner tonight – I’m going to make the Protein Power Bowl that Angela made last night…once I read about it this morning at breakfast, it is all I have been thinking about ALL day!!
Question: Do you meditate? Have you ever tried?

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