Food Intolerances/Sensitivities

Digestive disorders are also usually met with food intolerances and sensitivities. Many people with digestive disorders are usually also lactose intolerant and sensitive to foods high in sugar, fat and caffeine.

Unfortunately my sensitivities include a lot. When I eat processed sugars, dairy, chocolate, high fat foods (like lots of oil/butter and red meats), really spicy foods, alcohol, tomatoes and corn, my gut becomes aggravated which causes pain and trips to the bathroom.
Food sensitivities/intolerances do not exactly cause a flare up with Crohn’s disease, but if you are already in an uncomfortable state, these foods will just worsen the condition that your stomach is in.
With irritable bowel syndrome however, food sensitivities/intolerances do cause the gut to become aggravated. If you visit can learn a lot more about IBS. When I was under the impression that I may have IBS, this website gave me a lot of information, although it didn’t exactly help me, it has helped many people!


  1. This website didnt help me either because I found out that I have dysbiosis which is a imbalance of bacteria, or bacterial overgrowth. So that much grains made me worse.

  2. Really…I didn't know that grains made that worse. I have a bacterial overgrowth as well….have you been feeling better by avoiding grains?

  3. Meg, reading that post is like reading about myself, EXACTLY, those are all the triggers I have also discovered over the last fifteen years…except for the tomatoes (fresh) and corn. I gave up coffee many years ago, I drink decaf tea now 🙂 My GI doctor gave me a paper yesterday with the name of a pro-biotic but they didn't carry it at the pharmacy…I think it's called Truven? Does that ring a bell? I seem to have misplaced it, argh!

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