It was a Feast!

As I sit down to write this blog post, my stomach has started to rumble and I am salivating just thinking about what I’m about to share.


Almost after a year FEAST opened its doors, I finally made it down to load up on their delicious food.

FEAST is located at 881 Queen St. W and is heaven on earth for those with various food allergies/intolerances. Wendy and Neil opened their shop in summer 2014 after they were both challenged with having to adapt to food allergies and sensitivities. Wendy and Neil said “love at first bite was very hard to find, so we set out to change that for ourselves.” Thank goodness they did because after savouring their meet pies and donuts, I couldn’t believe I was eating something that was free from all common allergens, including gluten, nuts and dairy.

Photo credit: The Toronto Star, Michele Henry
FEAST ensures all of their ingredients and products have not been cross contaminated with the distributor or manufacturer, they also train their staff on BASICS Allergen Training for the Foodservice and Food Retail Industry program, which was developed by Anaphylaxis Canada and TrainCan INc. Staff have to sign an agreement stating they won’t bring any gluten or the top eight allergens into the store for consumption. All they do and practice is very reassuring for those will allergies – whether severe or mild.
I loved how every item on display was paired with an ingredient card and Wendy was able to verify if any other ingredients had been used or not. My mom came along with me to FEAST after we were at a wedding show downtown (yup, I’m getting married!) and she is very allergic to garlic. Fortunately there were a few items that were totally garlic free – it made my mom’s experience just as tasty as mine.
Since I had been waiting to try FEAST for months, I stocked up on a few items to try later. There was no way I could have picked between the three donuts! I’m glad I did, because each one was just as good as the next.
For lunch, my mom and I both had The Beefeater pocket pie pastry and the Tropical Caramel chocolate. I was so happy with what I was eating that I didn’t even want to socialize. I hadn’t had a pastry in years! The pocket pie was warm and savoury with the perfect crisp around the edges. The meat wasn’t an overpowering taste, as I was able to taste the parsnips and tarragon as well. Mmm, so delicious! I enjoyed the Jerk Chicken pocket pie pastry the next day and it was just as good. It wasn’t spicy and I could taste all of the various spices…so delicious. A few weeks later I went back and tried the Vegan Curried Black Bean. These are the best gluten-free creations…my stomach is rumbling thinking about them! My mom, who can eat gluten loved them just as much as I. She couldn’t tell it was gluten-free and she usually can taste the difference…now that says a lot!

For dessert I had a couple of the chocolates. The Tropical Caramel, which tasted exactly as it sounds and I ate the Cherry Bomb later on in the day. Both chocolates were decadent and satisfying. Not too sweet and the flavours within the chocolates were very easy to taste.
FEAST doesn’t just sell their in-house baked goods, they also carry a wide variety of allergen-friendly products. Most notably, my favourite granola bars (which are very difficult to find) – ‘No Nuttin’ by Libre Naturals. They remind me of Quaker Oat Chewy Bars.
Enjoying lunch on a beautiful day. The seating looks out onto Trinity Bellwoods Park. 


Look at all of FEAST’s acknowledgements and features. Zoomer, Toronto Star, Toronto Life – very exciting! 


Last, but certainly not least, the donut trio. Mmmm. The picture says enough doesn’t it? Can you believe these are gluten-free, dairy and nut free?
OK – top to bottom: 
On Top of Coconut Mountain Donut: Vanilla cake donut with chocolate glaze and toasted organic coconut chips. YUM. 
Cinnamon Sugar Sprinkle Donut: Vanilla cake donut with organic cane sugar and cinnamon. Although hard to choose…this was my favourite out of them all. 
Triple Chocolate Love Donut: Chocolate cake donut with salted chocolate glaze and raw organic cocoa nibs. I certainly fell in love. 
If you live in Toronto (or the GTA) and haven’t yet been to FEAST…go! It’s unbelievably good (you’ll have to taste it to understand) and also reasonably priced. Whether you have allergies or not, this is the place to check out in the Queen West area. I can’t wait to go back, if only FEAST was closer!

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