Exercise and Flare-ups….(and Apple Cider)

Firstly I just wanted to bring up flare-ups related to exercise.

Every time I push myself to hard in a workout, I find my self stuck on the couch afterwards, and not from sore leg muscles, but because my gut is in a painful knot.
When this began happening, I was always wondering what was causing my flare-ups, but than I put two and two together, and realized that my workouts were causing me pain.
When I saw a holistic doctor in Florida, she told me that working out can cause flare-ups…I can’t remember all of the scientific reasoning behind this, but I really wish I had remembered so that I could share it with you all.
Since February (after seeing the holistic doctor) I started to workout more lightly, and found that I wouldn’t be coming home with annoying pain in the tumtum.
Now today after 20 minutes on the elliptical and a class called Body Flow (which incorporates tai chi, yoga and pilates) I have found myself stuck in a horizontal position on my bed watching ET (that would be Entertainment Tonight…not the extra-terrestrial) and blogging about this annoyance. I didn’t even think I worked out to hard…but maybe I just didn’t realize it at the moment, as I was feeling pretty good going into it.
Does anybody else get flare-ups from working out? Any tips?
On another short little note…I bought my first jug of apple cider of the year!
The taste of warm apple cider gives me so many memories of fall…it’s just so festive!
I usually drink it with a stick of cinnamon, but I had no cinnamon sticks today. Instead, I sprinkled a little bit of ground cinnamon in the drink, I think that may have just replaced the usual cinnamon stick.
Mmmmm mmmm good!
What are your fall favourite foods?

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