Eating like a “Normal” Person!

Do you ever find that eating out with dietary restrictions can be challenging? I am sure you are all nodding your heads “yes”. For a long time I just avoided restaurants, because really, what could I actually have on the menu? If I did go out my order would be the same everywhere: “a garden salad with a grilled chicken breast with balsamic and oil on the side please!” If it wasn’t a salad with chicken, it was rice and chicken, a chicken breast with no seasoning…how boring is that???

Since I have gone gluten free there have been more and more restaurants providing gluten free options, or even better, a gluten free menu. For example, Casey’s, a restaurant franchise in Canada, now has a gluten free menu, it pretty much just lists what on the menu is gluten free, with the substitution of having rice pasta if you order a pasta meal. If you ask for it, many restaurants will provide you with the menu’s allergen guide, indicating what menu items have common allergens (including gluten, dairy, shellfish…even garlic). Even pizza places have gluten free crust now, although it ends up being so expensive with the added charge of being gluten free. I am beginning to feel like more of a normal person when I go out to eat now, but really, who is actually normal now a days? There are so many diets out there: vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free.

About a month ago I went to this gourmet burger joint called The Works. I knew going there that I would be eating my burg bunless, but I wasn’t too phased by it, I had a delicious meal…a portobello burger topped with avocado, bacon, and brie (how better could it be), with a side of fries. Oh my goodness, was it ever delicious. The next time I went I brought my own bread, thinking that they could just put my burger on my gluten free bread, however, once the waitress explained the menu to us she indicated that they now had gluten free buns! I was so excited, it wasn’t even an extra charge to have the gluten free option. When our meal cames I felt so normal eating my meal, it was so much fun.
I have also discovered that some coffee chains offer gluten free goodies. An example being today when I went to Second Cup. All I really wanted was a baked good, but knew that I would not be in luck at a large Canadian coffee franchise. I was just about to pay for my tea when I saw in the corner of my eye these huge chocolate dipped gluten free macaroons (made by Dufflet)…it was absolutely amazing, it was the first time in a long time that I was able to purchase an edible, non-liquid item. I should have taken a picture, but I couldn’t wait to bite into it…trust me though, there will definitely be a repeat of that treat.

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