“Drink [Rice] Milk, Love Life.”

Cow’s milk 8
Sheep’s milk 8

Goat’s milk 8

Soy milk 8

Rice milk 4

Mmmm….rice milk. It definitely wouldn’t be my first choice in any other situation, but for now as I don’t consume any dairy and have now eliminated soy from my diet (as of yesterday), I just have to live with the grainy, watery, ricey flavour of rice milk.
I have been drinking rice milk for a few months now, since April when I stopped drinking soy milk (now I have stopped eating anything soy…tofu, soy nuts, edamame).
I have bought many different brands of rice milk, trying to figure out which one I liked the most and which one had the most nutrients. I was enjoying Rice Dream for a while, it had a smooth taste (still a bit watery), the original wasn’t too bad and it was a perfect substitute for milk in my tea and in my cereal. However, a few days ago after I brought home a huge carton of it, I kind of glanced at the label and noticed in very small print that it said “contains gluten from barley protein at less than .002%”. At first I felt sort of angry since I was on a “gluten free” diet, but than I realized that I was still eating Quaker Oats that are not at all gluten free certified. Yesterday when I saw my naturopath she told me that Quaker Oats are so contaminated by gluten that they could most likely have the same amount of gluten from cross-contamination as a piece of wheat toast! She now wants me to live 100% gluten free, that means I need to find some gluten free oats and carefully read labels.
Anyways, back to the rice milk…
A few weeks ago I came across Yu Basmati Rice Milk. For now on I will probably always buy this, as it is gluten free and for the reason that it is the best rice milk I have ever tasted! If there were to be a rice milk taste competition, Yu would win.
It not only has an awesome flavour and consistency (it isn’t too watery) it has 3g of protein. I don’t drink my rice milk for it’s protein content, as 3g is nothing, but compared to Rice Dream which has 0.4g, 3g is a whole lot more. Yu also has no sugar added to it and it is enriched with vitamins A, B, D and zinc. I have only been able to find this milk in a couple grocery stores now, but hopefully it will soon be one of the regulars in every grocery store!
If you ever see ‘Organic Yu Basmati Rice Milk’, pick it up and give it a try. You won’t regret your purchase!


  1. If you can find the So Delicious brand of Coconut milk (it comes in the fridge section in a carton) I highly recommend it!
    Nor sure if the ingredients are safe for you, but I made the change and LOVE it.

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