Cereal Product Reviews

After about a month of being on Ultra Inflam X, my naturopath suggested I begin introducing something new into my diet, like corn. I have restricted corn from my diet ever since my food sensitivity test in Oct. 2007. She told me not to eat whole corn kernels, but to try easy digestible corn flours.
So, the other day I walked through the gluten free cereal aisle and picked out a corn based cereal made by Glutino, it’s Apple Cinnamon.
I always get nervous when I try a new food…but I tried to keep an open mind when I tried this, just so that my mind didn’t win over and effect my gut in a negative way.

To be honest, the smell of this cereal is gross. It smells like chemicals, something that I shouldn’t even be eating! But the taste really isn’t too bad…
I ate it with vanilla rice milk.
I probably won’t buy this cereal again though, the smell sort of turns me off, and it isn’t the most satisfying food I could choose from.
Along side the box of Apple Cinnamon cereal, I found a cereal by Nature’s Path called Whole Grain Brown Rise Crispy Rice, and it’s gluten free. Again, I was a little nervous about trying it, since there is a small amount of organic cane sugar listed in the ingredients, but, it’s only 2g of sugar per serving, so I thought I’d give it a try.
This cereal beats Glutino’s Apple Cinnamon cereal by far! It tastes almost exactly like Kellogg’s Rice Krispies…although they don’t “snap, crackle and pop” the same. I would definitely buy this cereal again, and the amount of sugar is so little, so I don’t really think it has been bothering me…but I’m keeping a watch on my symptoms to see if they are linked to the new cereals.
So, to sum things up, I wouldn’t recommend Glutino’s Apple Cinnamon cereal, but I would definitely recommend Nature’s Path Whole Grain Brown Rice Crispy Rice!!!
What are your favourite gluten free cereals?

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