Brownie Easter Nests

Easter nest brownies…I don’t think anything could get any cuter or tastier. I have seen a lot of variations on this Easter dessert nest, such as savoury potato stick clusters, rice crispy treats, sugar cookies and cupcakes. I hadn’t come across brownies though and I thought it would be interesting to create a mini brownie with an indent in the centre to hold the candy chocolate eggs. I was a bit lazy with the brownie base, I used King Arthur’s Gluten Free Brownie Mix, however I don’t think any homemade recipe could possibly mimic this mix; it is unbelievably delicious, moist, fudge-y and crunchy on top.

I baked the brownie mix in a mini cupcake tin, the only downside was the bottoms of the brownies stuck to the bottom of the pan, I even greased it! I’m thinking the next time I will grease and then flour it to prevent any sticking. I had thought to maybe line the cupcake tin with easter themed cupcake liners, but online I read that brownie mix tends to stick to paper linersNonetheless, the brownies turned out awesome, they were the perfect little nests, and as the brownies cooled, they naturally deflated and created their own little indents in the centre – perfect for holding the mini eggs.

I’d have to say that my favourite easter candy are Cadbury Mini Eggs. There is no gluten listed in the ingredients, but they don’t say that they are gluten free. I seem to be fine eating them, but I would take caution if you are celiac. I however used Carnaby Street Chocolate Eggs – the micro mini eggs, I got them at Shoppers Drug Mart. I thought they were so cute, no bigger then a pinky finger nail, but they didn’t taste the best. I was expecting them to taste like the Cadbury kind.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and have a very Happy Easter!

 If you want the eggs to stick to the brownie, use a little bit of icing.

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