An Un-Pictured, Random Post

I have dedicated my Friday, Saturday and Sunday to purely writing the 3 essays that I have due next week…sounds fun, right?

I did get a good majority of paper 1 completed today, however…the computer was such a distraction! Blogs, Facebook, checking my email a billion times (really…how many emails do I expect!?!), browsing though the iTunes store, checking the long term weather forecast….just so distracted!
Today I had some good eats, and unfortunately I just never thought to take pictures of anything! I have realized that I don’t really need an exact recipe for everything I post on my blog, there are so many of you bloggers out there who just post your yummy eats for inspiration to others, and no recipe has to be attached…so, I think I’m going to start posting my creative dishes!
Although I don’t have pictures for you today, I do have descriptions.
For lunch I whipped up some hummus….but it wasn’t just any plain old hummus, pumpkin was added in! I’m just loving canned pumpkin these days, I’m combining it with everything. Pumpkin as a base for pizza (instead of tomato paste), pumpkin mixed in pasta, pumpkin in my yogurt (yes, yes…I know…sounds gross, but don’t judge until you try!), pumpkin on my oats, pumpkin pie in a mug (I’ll be posting that recipe soon!) and today, pumpkin curry hummus. It was SO yummy!!
Dinner was amazing (if I do say so myself). My friend came over for dinner and we had honey mustard curried chicken (curry was the theme for today), sweet potato kugel (frozen leftovers from Christmas), sauteed purple cabbage (just a little olive oil, salt and pepper) and a mixed green salad. It was so good and I really wish I had taken a photo.
I haven’t had chicken (or meat for that matter) in a while…I’ve just been so busy that when I come home for dinner I end up making something that is quick and easy, and chicken just isn’t such a quick meal to cook up.
Well, I guess I should probably do a bit more work on this essay before I call it quits for the night, I think I’ll catch up on some mindless television later…Gossip Girl perhaps?

A few questions for you!
1. What do you enjoy pumpkin with?
2. What are some quick and easy chicken recipes?
3. Are there any ‘guilty pleasure’ television shows you just love?

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  1. pumpkin hummus = YUM! great idea! i love pumpkin in just about anything. there are these things called bolanis that i get from this afghan food company at the farmer's market, and they make brilliant lavash breads stuffed with spiced pumpkin filling! oh man my computer is suchhh a distraction, it takes so much self restraint to not be blogging/facebooking when i should be studying!

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