A Sleepy Day

Today has definitely not been an ‘energy day’. I felt that right when I got out of bed this morning. Even after my 10 hour sleep, I still didn’t feel very recharged. As I walked to class my legs just didn’t really want to walk, and when I sat in class all I really wanted to day was put my head down and sleep (but I didn’t, I payed attention to the prof!).
I had the intention of coming home from class, eating lunch and making my way to the gym, but that just wasn’t going to happen. I found myself crawling into bed and sleeping for an hour and a half. Now I’m at my desk, with my cozy clothes on, drinking my favourite tea. Now is the time that I wish we had cable so I could turn on some Oprah! I’ve decided to skip the gym altogether today, it’s not worth pushing my body to do something if my body doesn’t really want to work out. It’s a good thing to listen to our bodies, if they want sleep – give ’em sleep! How many more hours until bedtime??
“Learning Life” – Isn’t it true?

Have I mentioned I’ve started getting acupuncture treatments?
Yep, it’s the real thing! Last February (2009) on a vacation in Florida, I saw a Holisitic practitioner, who taught me about the warm diet, she gave a me an acupuncture treatment too and holy crap did it hurt! I winced (or maybe screamed) right when she did the point on my foot, which represents my spleen (a key role in digestion). I was SO afraid to start going back to do acupuncture treatments, I hate pain and I wasn’t going to put myself through unneeded pain.
A couple months ago I started seeing a new naturopath (yes, another one! the previous one I was seeing a few months ago left to go on sabbatical) and wow, do I love her! She has been really helpful and she really knows her stuff. She’s helping me with my IBD, but also helping to bring my period back…She informed me that she does acupuncture treatments, and that she thought it would be beneficial if I gave them a try. I was a little hesitant at first, because I really didn’t want to be paying to be in discomfort, so she told me that she would do acupressure my first go round, and then I could decide if I wanted to go ahead with the needles or not.
Off I went to my first acupressure treatment, where she placed ear seeds on the meridians that stimulate digestion and on the meridians for the female reproduction cycle. Ear seeds look like tiny little Band-Aids, with a very tiny metal ball underneath the sticky fabric. The metal ball helps stimulate the pressure point. Ear seeds are mainly used for the ear, for a therapy called ‘auricular therapy‘, also known as ear acupuncture. Did you know that all over your ear there are points that represent every single part of the body? Crazy eh!? She uses the ear seeds all over the body though.
When I went back for my second treatment, I decided to “suck it up” and go for the needles. What was the worst that could happen? And besides, the needles are way more beneficial and my naturopath really believed it would be way more helpful for my digestion and menstruation. So I gave it a try, she put the needles all over the points on my stomach, but that was it, I wouldn’t let her put them on my sensitive parts, like my legs or in my ears. (By the way, the points that represent my digestion on my legs are SO sensitive, to touch my inner legs feels like I have bruises all the time – it hurts a lot…doing adductor exercises kills me!) I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t feel anything when she put the needles in. I did feel them, but it really was not bad at all. It was kind of a cool sensation, it didn’t hurt, but I definitely felt like something was really working.
I was so happy after that treatment! I did it! I finally got up the courage to do acupuncture! I was so excited to go back for my second real acupuncture treatment.
When I went back, and told her she could put the needles in my hand as well, along with more points in my stomach that sort of hurt the last time. She was so happy, as she said the points were important ones. Coming home from that session exhausted me though, I had to veto my whole day and sleep and watch mindless television. I couldn’t believe how tired it made me, I guess my body was really working hard to unblock my energy paths.
For my third session, I kept with the usual points, I’m still not ready for my legs to be pricked with the needles, but none the less I’m doing well with it. I wasn’t as tired after my last appointment, fortunately I didn’t have to have a 3 hour nap!
Is it weird to say I’m loving the acupuncture? I just really love the feeling of it.
I’m not sure if I love the treatments, or if I love the activity I do afterwards, hehe. There is an AWESOME natural foods store a couple streets down from my naturopath, and I always stop in after my treatments and pick up yummy gluten free, dairy free, sugar free foods! They have fresh gluten free bread from Organic Works, gluten free, caisen free and sugar free carob chips (something I have been looking for forever), every nut butter imaginable, and…oh man…the list goes on, but needless to say, I love it!
Product Reviews to come!

Carob Chips!

What do you do when you have low energy days?
Have you tried acupuncture?


  1. Low energy days seem to be overtaking my high energy days lately. I've decided to try and lighten up my meals for starters (less carbs and more produce). And when I don't exercise I get even more comatose, so I'm hoping this spring weather will inspire me get out there and work off some winter poundage!

    I've had ear seeds used on me before and I think they're really cool! I love that they won't come off until your body lets them. Mine always stayed on a lot longer than my sisters after we would have kinesiology appointments. Its been years since then though.

    I'm inspired that you're having these appointments and such while being a student. I'm a student as well and I've been hiding behind that I think (excuses excuses!). I really need to find a good health professional to get me back on track!

    ~Aubree Cherie

  2. Interesting, I actually never knew they come off when they're ready to. I usually just end up peeling them off after a few days because I get annoyed with them haha.
    It is hard being a student and finding time to do things like this, I guess it just takes an extra push to do it.

  3. THat is so neat! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog- I'm loving yours. 🙂 Good luck with the acupuncture- I've always wanted to try it but insurance is stupid.

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